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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  January 10, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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. new at 10:00, powerball fever. last-minute ticket sales pushing the prize close to $1 billion. was there a winner. >> plus, a police k-9 shot in the line of duty. this morning, we have encouraging news about the dog's condition. >> is any first on this sudden, giving you a live look outside right now, overcast and kind of jammed. warm temperatures still hanging on but they're about to drop. some of you will be under a lake affect snow advisory as soon as this afternoon and hello and welcome to the sunday edition of good morning cleveland. i'm nick foley with janessa webb. and let's get to the forecast. the last two days, nice and warm. >> yeah.
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that way long. the countdown is on. >> we felt like spring or fall and saw daytime highs of 52 degrees and going into the noon hour. we'll go back into the upper 20s, lower 30s. we have seen our high today of about 47 degrees overnight. right now, we're dealing with the rainfall activity and gray skies as you said. you can see the moisture, our loop here from the last four to five hours and tracking into northeast ohio. now, we're starting to transition into the west across eerie into huron county and dealing with rain and a snow mixture toward the west in sandusky. you're seeing the flakes currently flying into huron county, new london and into the robinson area, dealing with flakes. you can see the pink line is sleet or possible freezing rain as towards the west. they're sitting into the upper
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the east. we're still into the mid- to upper 40s. and this ban of moisture continues to track east about 15 to 20 miles per hour. look at this well defined cold front. chicago, st. louis, and we're do the single digits. i will show you the hour-by- hour by noon, we transition into snow with our highs back into the lower 30s. the chill is coming back and then some. new overnight, police in mansfield investigating two separate shootings. both happened last night. the first in the area of west 6th and bowman streets. two teens were shot multiple expected to survive. down the street two hours later, more shots fired. a car and a house in the area of west 6th and penn avenue riddled with bullet holes. no one was hurt in that incident and there is no word if the two are related and police asking witnesses to come forward. >> and now to that powerball jackpot that has everyone
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last night, no winners in the jackpot. in fact, our local powerball signs, look at threshold morning. reading 300 million right now because there are not enough numbers on that sign to show it's actually up to 1.3 billion now. the odds to win that pot were 1 in 292 million. the numbers drawn were 32, 16, 19, 57, 34, and powerball number of 13. there were, however, several match 5 winners, including in ohio. they were purchased in goshen and milford. search dreaming about how they would spend the record jackpot. >> and i am gone. i'm gone. i will buy an island and i am leaving. and my kids would be happy. >> i have a lot of available student loops and i pay them all off. >> and the next drawing is set for wednesday evening. the cash value for that, 1ent 3 billion prize, the payout is
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if you won the powerball, you would have made more with one ticket than the world's highest paid celebrities like floyd merry weather, garth brooks, taylor swift and katy perry combined. you can still top the list. don't get your hopes up just yet. the odds winning are 1 in 292 million with see many tickets sold if you win, there is a bigger chance you will share the pot. we have just received an update from canton police. the k-9jethro is in stable condition this morning resting after being shot three times yesterday. luckily, none of the bullets struck vital organs. he took a round to the bridge of his nose but it didn't penetrate and caused brain trauma. as meg shaw tells us, he has a long road to recovery. >> it looks hopeful. >> reporter: the k error-9 error -- k-9jethro was shot three times after 1:00 a.m. on saturday.
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ro was off of his lead while searching the store. that is when he was confronted by the suspect. 22-year-old kalantre barfield. he fired several shots at je it, hro and responding officers returned fire hitting him once in the leg. barfield ran out of the store but was found a short time later in a nearby yard. as for jet had, ro, the three- year-old dog was rushed to the stark county emergency vet clinic. >> the vet immediately noticed some things in the dog's eyes that would indicate swelling on the brain. >> reporter: several officers showing the support for their fellow officer. many spending hours here at the clinic. >> and works great for us. we love him. >> reporter: all hoping for a speedy recovery back to the force. >> the x rays look good, as far as like internal injuries and bones and stuff like that. it's going to be a brain thing. >> reporter: in canton, meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> thank you. it's not yet known if jethro will be able to return to work. meantime, the suspect who shot the k-9 will be charged once he
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>> new information on a deadly akron bar shooting. a judge setting bond for willie steven hicks iii at $1 million. police say hicks shot a 39-year- old man in the chest at the heidi had, o lounge on thursday night killing him. hicks ran off before police arrived and was caught late friday in cleveland and is due in akron muni court tomorrow morning. his case will be bond over to summit county. right now, the fbi is still looking into death threats against cleveland prosecutor tim mcginty. the fliers have been posted around the neighborhood offering a reward for proof of kill. the fbi said the posters originated online and those responsible could face state and federal charges and jail time as well. and developing in akron, investigators are trying to identify human remains found outside of a he. the summit county medical examiner is working with a professor of anthropology to examine a skull and spine. the process could take some time to complete. and meantime, a forensics team
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those remains were found to gather more evidence yesterday. thank you so much for starting your sunday here with us. i'm nick foley. coming up this morning, a holiday twist one actor now under investigation for his role in finding el chapo. why some say sean penn should be arrested. >> plus, hacked on the highway. a federal investigation reveals the vehicle's most vulnerable to cybercriminals. is your car on the list. >> and making a murderer. emotions running high over the netflix documentary series. the new details emerging in that case. janessa has the weather. >> and the power of 5 tracking rain and snow, blustery conditions. going to be bringing our windchills to the single digits and possibly subzero range. exact timing on when you will
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. good morning, everybody. i'm janessa webb. we're tracking the rain and the snow mixture touching down across most of northeast ohio today. and the moisture is not my major concern. we could see one to three inches of accumulation. it's still cold. the wind, and who have advisories put in place until 7:00 p.m. for northeast ohio with gusts up to 45 to 50 miles an hour
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our windchill. let's look at it into tonight and overnight. we're talking about single digits as our kids are heading morning. look at this. mansfield. the greater cleveland area, 4 degrees and definitely make sure you're bundling up, nick. and we hate to see purple in the graphics. that means really cold. and trending this morning, a new king of the box office has been crowned. harrison ford becoming the highest grossing actor at the u.s. box office ever. according to box office mojo and that is thanks in part to the big success of his latest awakens. the films have raked in $4.7 billion in sales and they will add to that as long as it stays in the theatres. >> a new social network is taking the internet by storm. peach is a messaging platform that looks similar to twitter, slack, and instagram. it was introduced at the electronic show in las vegas.
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and videos to your friends and is said to launch the next few months. the man in the middle of the netflix documentary series making a murderer has a new legal team. a chicago attorney has, as well as attorneys from the midwest innocence project, will take on steven avery's case. he was convicted in the 2005 murder of a female photographer. fans of the documentary set a petition to president obama asking him to pardon avery, but the president can't pardon state prisoners. we'll be right back.
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. welcome back, 10:14 on your sunday. this morning, a nuclear capable bomber is safely back in guam. while you were sleeping, a u.s. b-52 bomber flew over north korea in the show of strength nuclear test. the bomber was joined by a south korean f-15 and american s-16 fighter jets. some experts denounce the claim of the bomb saying the shock registered was not enough to have been an h-bomb. and the other big story, chapo. the infamous mexican drug lord who escaped from a high- security prison and was caught days ago. we learned before the mexican authorities tracked him down, first. matt gutman has the story from
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chapo was arrested once again. >> reporter: this morning, the stunning new video. the first ever interview with el chapo guzman surfaced in a day after his capture and in his home state of sinna low a. the drug kingpin conducted four actors, who he hoped would make a biopic about his life. filmed on a remote ranch with squacking chickens and credited with thousands of guests, they said -- [ indiscernible ] myself. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: in the company rolling stone article with that proof of interview picture, he describes a harrowing trip to the jungle to meet el chapo. he talks about the glittery watches and polished guards around him. el chapo's communications with
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lead them to the drug lord. and inex can authorities say they may send him off again, extraditing him to the u.s. to face drug and murder charges. he's broken out of two maximum security prisons in his career and as recently as last year. and this morning, we learned how close he got to escaping again, squirting -- five of his men were killed into the sewers. the police told us he surfaced at this intersection and pulling up, we knew where he had been. >> and they dropped out of this manhole. and if you look inside, you can see the m-4 with a rocket launcher. and they left that inside scampered here, car jacked a vehicle and drove toward the highway. >> reporter: the mexican authorities finally catching el chapo and his lieutenant on this gravel road. they came here because it was the closest protected area to where he was arrested about 200 yards that way. this is one of the furthest in the back and they brought him
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this is where they got his identity and sat him down on this bed and that is where they took that famous picture. hours after the picture was taken, he was whisked back to the mexican supermax prison. >> and that was matt gutman reporting. new details emerging about the arrest of tanya couch. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen withdrew $30,000 from her bank account and told her husband she would -- he would not see her or the son again. this is before the pair took off to mexico. the authoritiesa accuse her of helping her son ethan leave the u.s. to avoid a probation hearing. she's being held on a $1 million bond. ethan couch remains in custody in mexico. and this video just in overnight after severe storms caused damage across cape coral, florida. the national weather service working to confirm reports of a tornado touchdown. the trees pulled out of the ground, streets damaged and
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homeowners busy picking up the debris. knee injuries reported but hundreds remain without power across the region. and parts of the st. louis area seeing snow yesterday and expecting more today along with bone-chilling temperatures and win. janessa is joining us for a look at weather and we have snow coming our way and the colder temperatures falling behind as well and that is as we're accustomed to the warmer temperatures. >> and now we're over it and tracking rain and snow from there. it's 46. >> and won't stay that way. >> we're on the downward trend and we have seen the high for today and by noon, we should be sitting into the upper 20s, lower 30s and some blustery conditions heading our way. talking about local gusts tonight and up to 45 to 50 miles an hour. definitely tracking the rain right now and a little bit of snow and this is the time lapse
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see to the west into eerie, huron county, you're dealing with a few flakes that are starting to move in and into the west, we're still seeing temperatures in the 40s and into the east towards the 40 esand into the west, we're into the 30s and that is where we're seeing the flakes currently flying. heading towards the greater cleveland area and into lorain county, avon lake and north homestead. you're probably seeing sleet. the wind advisories put in place until 7:00 p.m. the sustained winds, a constant wind speed, 25 to 35 miles per hour and this is across the board. starting at 2:00 p.m., we have a lake affect snow advisory for lake, geauga, ashtabula county, three to five inches of accumulation where squalls persist and could see heavier amounts. what we're tracking here is after yesterday being at 52 degrees, we have this well- defined cold front that is
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bring some of the coldest temperatures of the season. look at my bar garb here. that is on that downward trend. by 6:00 p.m., we'll see the flakes in full affect and sitting at 26 degrees. and show you the future cast at 46. by 1, greater cleveland at 31 and below freezing across most areas. and going into about 5:00 p.m., we're still dealing with isolated snowflakes and this starts to turn into a more lake affect snow event into eastern locations and by 9:00 p.m., we're currently dealing with temperatures into the upper 20s. and show you some of our accumulations. this morning, we are not dealing with lake affect snow. this is an equal opportunity for everyone to get a little bit of a coating here. one to two inches, 2.5 inches for the greater cleveland area and also, winds, a huge issue
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this is really going to cool us off into tonight. forecasting a low of 16 degrees and when you factor in those winds, that brings your windshield down to the single digits possibly as subzero range as you start off the morning tomorrow. the kids at the bus stop, let's bundle them up tomorrow morning and we have the clipper, that slices through one to three inches, 16 for wednesday and hey, we are back into the 30s with the wintery mix thursday afternoon. and thank you. okay, browns fans. we know the season was tough. bengals fans feeling bad. cincinnati seemed to have the first play-off win locked up and a fundable with minutes left and a couple of personal fouls, penalties and the steelers go down and kick the game winner and take it by two points over cincinnati and win it 18-16.
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bengals in every sense and pittsburgh moves on to play denver in the play-offs. i asked for the browns and here is lauren brill with more. >> you can scratch adam gace off of the list of the possible new head coaches. he reached a deal with miami yesterday as their head coach and reporting that jerome henderson, another candidate that the browns introduced will likely join gace in miami. browns are still bussy with their search. the team confirming they interviewed patriots defensive coordinator matt patricia. he has a very interesting background that might go well with an organization that is committed to sports annalistics. he attended renssalaer polytech institute where he majored in aeronautical engineering. the browns have more coaches to interview. and yesterday in the nfl play-offs, the houston texans hosting the kansas city chiefs
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nile davis receiving in the end zone and he just takes off. spinning on the wheels and takes it 106 yards and into that half for the touchdown. and chiefs go up early 7-0. the second quarter, texans scoreless, second and goal and the former browns quarterback brian hoyer is picked off and intercepted four times yesterday. not a good day for him. the chiefs go on to win this one, 30-0. thank you so much. consumer alert for millions of car owners. u.s. safety regulators determined fiat chrysler radios have a security flaw making the vehicles vulnerable to hackers. the national highway traffic safety administration opened the investigation in july after security experts hacked into a jeep cherokee. they were able to change the vehicle speed and control, the brakes, radio, windshield and transmission through that hacking of the radio. blue bell ice cream is
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plants again after the company found more bacteria at the production site. blue bell is at the center of a federal investigation because of how it handled the contamination of several products last year. the company is linked to 10 reported cases of listeria, including three deaths. after all of that shopping you did during the holidays, you might be looking forward to giving your credit card a rest and hiding the bill. consumer reporter john matarese tells us some of the best sales of the year are happening right now or are about to start. >> reporter: most of us are shopped out by now after weeks of holiday spending. if you have the energy, this can be the best time of the year to grab post holiday bargains. >> and this is like a couple of bucks. >> reporter: the west website dealo said the mild winter said spheres are slashing prices on cool weather clothing more than usual. january and february are also great months for electronic markdowns with the new tvs and gadgets from the consumer electronic show hitting shelves in march.
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>> and it's a big time for tvs because of the super bowl coming up. >> reporter: fitness equipment is going on sale now. stores stocked up at christmas and want it gone by spring. and from the file, some things not to buy during the winter months. surprisingly, they include grills and patio equipment. stores cleared out last year's grills in the fall. they're now stocking up with full-price merchandise. also, don't buy suitcases now. this is peak selling season for travel gear. finally, deal news said start looking at furniture and appliances now. the biggest sales of the year will come presidents' day weekend in mid-february. i'm john matarese, newschannel 5. >> and that is good advice there. coming up, lions and teeth and whiskers. we can tell you scientists calling a mountain lion a biological mystery this morning and this week, the president took direct aim at gun show sales and why that is not stopping hundreds from coming to northeast ohio this weekend. that and more of today's top stories when we return in less
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. >> the man got away similar to what you see on the screen. call east lake police if you have any information. a woman who was hit and dragged by a car in cleveland is out of intensive care. police are still searching for the driver who hit her. 61-year-old jean stucky was rushed to the hospital on tuesday morning after she was hit by a van on west 1 50th street. the police say she was dragged more than 50 feet before the driver fled the scene. anyone with information about that accident is asked to call cleveland police. and cleveland police tell us -- have been shot several times. the driver of the other vehicle was not seriously hurt. >> the event is one of the first since president obama
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aimed at trying to narrow the so-called gunshow loophole. this is the scene outside of the ohio gun and knife military show at the cuyahoga county fairgrounds yesterday. this week, president obama announced the federal crackdown on unlicensed drug dealers who traded at gun shows and online, avoiding the federal background check requirements. the action has no affect on many private sales. >> the president's order includes adding an additional 200atf agents and investigators to increase enforcement. and with the president's recent announcement on gun control, we are looking at guns by the numbers. 2015 was a record year for background checks. the fbi said more that 23 million last year. the previous record set in
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surged at mass shootings at a colorado theatre and sandy hook elementary. december 13th was the first to pass 3 million checks but there is not a direct link between a background check and equaling a gun sale. in a noteworthy statistic, for the first time in more than 60 years, the cdc said guns and cars are killing americans at the same rate but this is also because car-related deaths have dropped significantly since 1950, and not because of an increase in gun violence. and the president's comments on gun control come as texas becomes the latest state to enact an open carry law. reporter andy choi is in texas and found the new law is impacting it in ways you may not consider. >> reporter: put together the fabric of texas and you will find hand crafted leather goes a long way. >> yes. in a steady hand. >> reporter: the team at dm bullard leather doesn't
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try something with a little more bang. >> this is a new glock 43. >> look at the gun, my holster. >> reporter: the custom made holster is in high demand these days after texas became the latest state to allow open carry. >> we have a nice gun, you pay a lot of money for the gun. you want to have a nice holster, too. >> reporter: gun enthusiasts call it a barbecue holster. you can go to a barbecue and show off to your buddies. here in texas, you don't need a barbecue to show it off anymore and that is what might be driving the business. >> in texas, texas is known for their guns. all open carry come, the phone has been ringing off of the hook. >> very busy. we sold out of stock that we keep in stock and can't keep it in stock. >> run around like chickens with our head cut off. >> reporter: on a good week, dm bullard processes 100 orders. in the weeks leading up to january 1st, the first day of texas' open carry orders more than doubled.
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>> reporter: call it the ripple affect of open carry. a business that just might be booming into the new year. in texas, i'm andy choi. thank you and coming up on this sunday edition of good morning cleveland, a test promises to predict the gender of your baby, but plenty of mothers are seeing red instead of blue or pink. >> plus, some people are dead set on getting their money's worth after a taxidermist closed up shop without stuffing their trophies. our investigator is on the case. >> and tracking rain and a little bit of snow on the power of 5. also, blustery conditions. i will tell you when our temperatures fall down to the single digits. hour-by-hour coming up. hey, is that it?
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what's up tiana? thank you for everything you do. wow! you're a wonderful mom. thank you so much! it's just shocking that someone cares.
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hi, good morning, everybody. the transition is starting to happen. 38 for the greater cleveland area. i want to show you toward akron, 48 degrees and so that weather pattern, the temperature difference. the cold front is really starting to slice through here and the major concern is the wins and we're forecasting one to three inches of accumulation and we have that wind advisory in affect until 7:00 p.m. tonight. and we're talking about local gusts. 45 to 50 miles an hour and that is bringing windchills down a bit. they're not playing nice this evening. all of the way into your overnight.
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the greater cleveland single digits, mansfield and into about 1 degrees and some locations into the overnight and subzero range. >> and going to feel beyond cold, of course. the new video emerging of the hunter's rare and strange discovery of a mountain lion. we have to warn you, the images are graphic. it's a biological mist re. the lin -- inestry. the lion appears to have fully grown teeth and whiskers growing out of its own head. the wildlife officials offered up some possible theories, including the remmentnas of a conjoined twin or tumor that can grow teeth and hair as well. in case the hunter is looking to keep that mountain lion preserved, he might want to avoid a local taxidermist who many northeast ohioans say made off with their cash and animals, leaving them stuffed with anger. in a story you will see on newschannel 5, investigator jonathan walsh targets the problem and tracks down information on the owner.
10:31 am
hear from him for quite some time. >> reporter: heather who didn't want to use her last name, told me her husband shot a coyote in march of 2013 and took it to the -- 2014 and took it to the taxidermi. the owner is seen here about the taxidermi business. heather's husband has a skin in the game to a tune of a $300 downpayment. >> and there was no response. then out of the blue, we got a letter from him. >> reporter: after months of hearing nothing, the strange handwritten letter arrived saying for health reasons, the business closed. all of the work would be finished at some point but -- . >> it's at an undisclosed location and no number to contact him at. >> reporter: sheffield village tell me 10 to 15 complaints came into the station about the taxidermist and some taking to social media mounting efforts to get more information. i found several people on facebook wondering where are the dear heads or the walleye and deposits. i found the secretary of state
10:32 am
to renew the trade name registration in october of 2013 and by february of 2014, sent the cancellation by operation of law. >> that is what is frustrating. how are we supposed to know what is going on. >> reporter: sheffield police took a shot and forwarded the complaint on to the prosecutor, but it was determined that all of the issues are civil matters, not criminal. after being pelted with dead ends, heather just wants what is rightly hers. >> we just want the coyote back. or at least refund us the money. preferably, we would like to have the coyote. that was like a prize for my husband. >> reporter: i'm investigator john than walsh, newschannel 5. >> and jonathan was able to help that situation because of a news tip we received from a viewer. if you see news happening, let us know.
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. welcome back now. we have sad news to report. breaking news in from canton. they confirmed to us the jethro, their k-9, passed away. he was shot three times burglary situation there. most likely, charges will be changed finish that suspect who is charged with death of jethro. hot on social media this
10:34 am
over this controversial move during a recent trump rally. a woman wearing a muslim head scarf kicked out. rose hamid stood up in a silent protest when trump suggested that syrian refugees are affiliated with isis. trump supporters started booing and chanting and jeering before police escorted her and three others out. other gop candidates with their own take. >> you know, we're not a country that is, you know, a country that feels good about insulting or yelling at people or demeaning people. so, you know, maybe it was a friday night and who knows. but look, people want to come to my rallies, they want to come to my town halls, they're welcome. i have had people disrupt but that is part america, right? >> and before the rally, hamid said she wanted to show trump supporters what a muslim looks like. they probably never met one. the trump campaign told them in advance to kick out anyone causing a disturbance.
10:35 am
picking up the endorsement of rob portman with close ties to several gop hopefuls. portman who was on mitt romney's short list in 2012, had remained neutral to this point. portman will serve as national cochair of kasick's campaign for the white house. john kosick has more on the road ahead in this mornings democracy 2016. >> reporter: good morning,pe northeast ohio. it's sunday, january 10th. we're within one month of iowa and new hampshire. the governor will be spending tonight in iowa where he will be holding a town hole meet -- up to home meet. this is a week after holding a week of up to halls in new hampshire and announcing his race in july. he celebrated the release of two new polls, showing him in third place in the granite state, despite the fact he hasn't gaped that traction nationally. we sat down and asked him about the difference between the state polls and the national ones and about the impact of all of the up to halls.
10:36 am
people get to look at you, poke you and figure out if they like you. it's a very affective way to be up there. we'll see. we'll see. we're getting close. the mid-term's coming and i am looking forward to it. >> that has to be one of the frustrating things from the standpoint of you're running to elections. the national one and the local one in new hampshire. >> the local one -- the national doesn't matter. >> right. >> except for fund raising. the only reason why a national poll matters is people say can he win and it makes it hard for him to raise money. we don't elect based on what people think of me in idaho, we'll get a sense out of the caucus of iowa and go to new hampshire with 1.3 million we'll see if kasi consider, h sells. >> and a quick note on new hampshire. you mentioned 1.3 million people. to put that number in perspective, cuyahoga county has 1.2 million people and running for president in the granite state is like running for county executive here. cuyahoga county in cleveland
10:37 am
the rnc and that gets underway 190 days from today, even so, many local businesses are beginning to see some of the 200 million plus in economic impact. at east 21st and sinclair, it was one of the first cleveland businesses to get word from the rnc during the site selection visit. the banner in the background, they made it. a duplicate hanging on their wall. when it comes to the rnc, they will tell you -- . >> this is a championship. it may not be a sports championship, but it is a money championship. >> it's purr -- they purchased a high-tech printer with the anticipateed rnc workload in line and know a lot of the orders will be last minute. >> we're going to be open 24/7 for the rnc. >> reporter: for tim coughlin, the work is picking up already. he's one of the cofounders of host 16, a company that will work with trade association sponsors and corporations coming into cleveland putting on events. >> and in a lot of cases, they don't know what is available and they don't know how to navigate the chaos that is the convention and we become go
10:38 am
>> reporter: the party planners for gatherings of all sizes. >> we can do events from five- person v.i.p. gatherings with the celebrity all the way to 5,000-person galas. or concerts. >> reporter: and in january of 2016, be clear that if winter doesn't exist. >> everyone seems to be sprinting toward the finish line now. it's, oh, my gosh, it's here. six months out and what are we going to do? >> reporter: spreading -- sprinting for the finish line, also true. the gop debate will be thursday makes the stage. enjoy your sunday. >> and we'll have to keep a close eye on the presidential primary in new hampshire. the governor. it can change the whole scope of the republican nomination race for sure. weather. again, the warm temperatures are changing and going in, forget about them, radio it? >> it's done. akron starts in summit county and sitting in the 40s. greater cleveland, here comes
10:39 am
and into the mid-30s. and, you know, going into the noon hour, we're looking at upper 20s and into lower 30s. so, as we head into the next few hours here, we're going to continue to see the cloud coverage. definitely a change in the next few hours. the cleveland metro parks just notifying us that a winter traffic event cancelled due to high wind advisories and forecast for freezing rain again. winter traffic, which has run from noon to 5:00 p.m. today at the recreation area is cancelled. >> and making a difference. right. and weather is a big issue today. you can see the trees moving currently. we have the advisory already until 7:00 p.m. tonight, talking about local gusts, 45 to 50 miles an hour.
10:40 am
to stream through but look, the takeover. a little bit of snowfall. a lot of snowfall moving across northeast ohio. and this is not just a lake affect snow event where it's just restricted towards the east side, this is going to be an equal opportunity for everyone to get a good dusting. one to two inches of accumulation. we're seeing that band of moisture and that is in the form of rain towards summit county, akron area. a good band, but as this tracks in, it's going to transition into a little bit of snowfall and that high wind advisory in place until 7:00 p.m. tonight, we're going to see sustained winds -- winds, 25 to 30 miles per hour and that is the constant wind speed as we head into the 7:00 hour. they pick up to 45 to 50. also, lake affect snow advisory starting at 2:00 p.m. for lake geauga, ashtabula county. three to five inches of accumulation where squalls persist because definitely you see heavier amounts.
10:41 am
defined cold front really tracks in here. chicago, all the way into st. louis. the single digits, upper types and that cooler arctic air really pounces into northeast ohio. you can see from my bar graph on that downward trend into the rest of the day. and widespread snow starts to take over as we head into the 2:00 hour and it continues to linger and see a little bit of a break by 5:00 p.m. then it transitions more to lake affect snow. our forecast totals for today, one to two inches. but the major concern is that these winds out of the northwest when you factor in those winds into our temperatures tonight, 16 degrees, that brings your windchills to the single digits and to subzero range. make sure you're bundling up as we kick off the work week lake affect snow, one to three inches as the clipper moves in thursday afternoon. all right, janessa.
10:42 am
there is a popular at-home test promising to reveal the sex ever of unborn babies called sneak peek. pregnant moms across the country used it to learn if they're having a boy or girl. our 5 on your side consumer investigators claim the advertising claims of sneak peek may themselves be sneaky. christine main from the dayton area took the test and learned she was having a girl. she picked out her daughter's name, bought clothes and told her friends. an ultrasound revealed something else. >> a baby. baby private parts. that is not a girl. and then i have another one later on. right there. so, i am having a baby boy. >> you heard her right. maine's attorney told us the false test results caused emotional to are thure for would-be parents and the 99% accuracy promise is a lie according to the attorney. we wanted to get the company's side of the story, the
10:43 am
behind the product, it's our company policy not to discuss pending litigation, end of quote. christine gave birth to a baby boy, braden, and she said it was love at first sight. she adds she feels the heartache of losing a daughter.
10:44 am
. and welcome now. janessa is joining us with a final look at the forecast. bundle up. >> the snow is starting to move in here. the windchills tonight to
10:45 am
please make sure you're staying safe. >> and lots of layers for sure. thanks for joining us. an hourlong look, the countdown straight up next.
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